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Portrait of a girl in pastel

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I have been making portraits for many years, from simple charcoal drawings, to formal paintings in oils, but I find that pastel is my preferred medium.

It is a wonderful vehicle for capturing the infinite subtlety of the human face and figure.

Pastel Portraits

Beautiful, original artwork.

A portrait is the most unique and personalised gift you could give and a wonderful thing to own.  It can last several lifetimes, taking a little bit of your history into the future.

Pastel portrait

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Now it is possible to commission a portrait without having to travel or to sit still for hours; no matter where in the world you live.  All you need is an attractive photograph of reasonable size and clarity. You can even send it via e-mail. And because there is no drying time involved with pastel, you don´t have to wait months for your painting.

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